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character info.
NAME. William Birkin
SERIES. Resident Evil.
AGE. Jan. 12. 39.
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'8'' - 120.
APPEARANCE. picture.
STATUS. | HEALTHY. Other than being generally terrified, he's fine as he usually is.
LODGINGS. Arrived | Apr. 11, 2012 (Day 40)
Staying | W3-223

POSSESSIONS. Clothes, a syringe, a scalpel, a pair of sunglasses, and a gold locket.
WEAPONS. A pistol. At some point he's going to try to find himself a scythe and fail massively at being a badass.
EXPLORATION. He's exploring the hospital for the most part, but other than that he's mostly just in his room.
GOALS. Redeem himself in the eyes of the heroes of his world; study the monsters on the island and find out their weaknesses; continue worshiping the ground Wesker walks on
TRIGGERS. Anything involving romance will render him speechless and depressed pretty much.
MEDICAL INFO. Birkin is, in all honesty, really weak. He has a variety of surgical scars all over his torso, some of which are still currently healing and have the stitches still in them. He doesn't eat much, especially when he's in the middle of working on a project, sleeps even more rarely, and is essentially anemic from about three years of minor blood loss on a fairly regular basis.
MENTAL INFO. Birkin is a psychopath and is finally starting to recognize that. He's extremely paranoid for the most part, though that has lessened with time. He also has bipolar disorder. He's extremely obsessive about his work and people who give him enough attention. Extremely manipulative.
FOURTH-WALLING. Been there, done that. He not only knows he's from a video game, he's played them.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. At the moment, he's still trying to learn how to live without his current partner, so it's probably not the best time for anyone to try anything with him, though Birkin's a shameless flirt at this point, so he should bounce back from Stein's absence soon enough. Plus, he has Wesker, so he can go back to putting energy into that trainwreck.
INJURE/KILL. He bruises like a banana, so injuring him shouldn't be too hard. Ask me if you want to kill him though.
DEVICE HACKING. Birkin is a Windows 98 man in a Windows 7 world, so go right ahead with the hacking.
ANYTHING ELSE. Because he has game history from DDD, he's probably going to recognize a bunch of people who he's never really met. Though he does completely understand that alternate universes are a thing and probably won't bring it up more than once.

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[The video switches on, showing a darkened bedroom, some moonlight filtering in through a window.

Slowly, very, very slowly, Birkin eases himself out of his bed. The bed squeaks slightly, just once, before Birkin has both feet planted on the floor. Mission successful, boyfriend still asleep. He puts on some clothes, quietly, quickly, looking a lot less like the bumbling idiot the community's come to know and a lot more efficient and sure of his movements.

He moves over to a dresser on the opposite wall, pulling something out of it, before creeping over to the door, easing it open, and blowing Stein a kiss before creeping out of the room.

If anyone's willing to actually continue watching the feed for the next few hours of footage, they'll get to see Birkin creep back in, drenched with sweat and a a bit of blood splattered on his shirt, return a pistol to the dresser, and slowly ease himself back into bed before the video turns off.]
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I cannot even begin to describe to you people how utterly disturbing it is to wake up in the morning and see a commercial for a video game based on your life. People are profiting from my life - really I should be saying "my death", but that just takes this to a whole new morbid level that I don't even want to get into.

Whoever the hell these Capcom people are need to knock it the fuck off before I find a way to accuse them for my murder and/or sue them for mental distress. I mean, hell, I'd really like to enjoy drinking my coffee and watching the movin' pi'ture box without having to relive the horrible memories of that time I got shot to death and destroyed an entire city, if that's a-okay with these people. Maybe I'd be able to make a case for neglect considering they are kind of like my parents or something, I guess? I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. Actually, speaking of. Edgeworth, Phoenix, I've got a really funny story to tell you guys some time.

Does anyone else actually live in a world where they are knowingly fictional? Because it's hard. It's hard and nobody understands.
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I tried to call Wesker today. He wanted to know how I got his number and why the hell I sounded like a dead man. It was bound to happen eventually. It happens to everyone at some point, doesn't it?

Looks like I'm officially stuck in Death City for good, considering my connections to other worlds can't even remember my existence. And I guess "for good" really just means "until either Stein or I forget about this place and each other along with everyone else".

Relatedly, what's a good homespun remedy for depression. Other than alcohol because that is not going to fix this I don't think.
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Well, now that we're speaking again, I feel like I'm allowed to ask this.

Is it just me, or does Wesker's crotch look bigger in this picture than in this one?

As you may guess, this is a matter of the gravest importance.
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Dear Diary,

Today, I watched (for some limited definition of the word 'watched' because my eyes can't really move that fast) Stein and Marie beat the ever loving crap out of a priest before said priest disafuckingppeared into a sheet of fucking paper. Yes. Really. This is why I hate religion. Well, not this, specifically, because I admit I never saw this coming, but the fact that religious people are completely off their damn rockers.

But at least we're going to be home for Christmas. I was getting a little sick of this damn mandatory camping trip.
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"Hello. You have reached the phone of Dr. William Birkin. If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911. If this is to scream at me for something, press 1... And then shove your phone up your ass. Everyone else, go ahead and leave a message."



Nov. 12th, 2009 05:20 pm
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Y'all know the drill. Lay it on me.


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